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Wiii a new co worker!

24 Jan

I’ve been doing things all by myself for a month a it was crazy. Today we got a new co worker and now it will be easier and hopefully more fun. Finally I got someone to help me with reports 😉


WordPress vs Blogger

10 Dec

Huh.. People from WordPress or any other WordPress supporters (count me in) will eat me alive when I’ll post this but I hope not.. Try to understand this is the first part of some posts I’m going to write about the comparison of this two “blogging” platforms.

The thing I hate about WordPress is that I can not remove this published date. I don’t need this in my template why is there no way to change this? Blogger has so much more features when editing template – I just love it.

But what sucks at Blogger that rocks at WordPress?

Writing panel. Totally. I love WordPress for this. It’s easy to use and more user-friendly.

Google does not like my Tumblr?

18 Nov

On 27th of October I opened my Tumblr account and posted my first post but I’m still not indexed. 😦 I added this URL to Google some time ago but nothing happened.

Let’s see if this blog post will help 😉

Have a nice day!

I have to write sth…

10 Nov

I own this blog for years but I have not written anything yet.. :S Maybe it’s time to start! Wish me luck and I will make it 😀